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Beer-Butt Chicken Roasting Pan


As seen in Susan's Heart of the Home 30th Anniversary Edition cookbook!

This roasting pan is specifically made for making Beer-Butt Chicken. Yes, you can make the recipe with out it.... but this makes it really easy! Now you don't have to worry about balancing your chicken or making a mess! We will also send along a cute recipe card for Susan's delicious Lemon Thyme Beer-Butt Chicken. It is a summertime favorite!

Cook an iconic, flavorful beer can chicken on the grill or in your oven with this two-piece pan. The cooking cone is sized to fit over a can of your favorite beverage on the grill; this offers a more appetizing approach to infusing flavor such as beer, wine, juice, etc. into your chicken as it cooks. Features a spun aluminum cone and aluminized steel base, both coated in PFOA-free nonstick for ease of clean-up. Made in USA. 5 year warranty.
Item #: SBW10141
Our Price: $36.95
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