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Grass Bee Skep


I'm a Bee Skep person. I love them. I don't put a lot of "decorations" in my garden, but I think a bee skep looks darling -- natural woven grass, heavy and strong. They used bee skeps in the 1800's to house their bees, so it brings a bit of natural-looking nostalgia to your garden. I painted a bee skep in my Summer Book; I think they look great in an herb garden sitting amongst lavender and roses; also wonderful surrounded with a bed of lemon thyme, beside fragrant geraniums or in the veggie garden. They can also be useful - place one over a plant that needs some protection from the cold.

TALL Bee Skep is 20" tall, and 12" diameter at the bottom.

SHORT Bee Skep is 16" tall, and 12" diameter at the bottom.

Each skep is handmade you you will see variations.
Item #: SBW8316
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