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Island Farm Chicken Dish Towel Kit


ISLAND FARM CHICKEN DISH TOWEL KIT I made these dish towels for my Martha's Vineyard kitchen and everyone loved them so much that I thought I should make a pattern for YOU. We ordered some extra TEA PARTY fabric and have put together these kits that include instructions, applique patterns and fabric, photos, and embroidery instructions. You are going to also need to get 2/3 of a yard of white or cream colored fabric for dish towels, something cotton and absorbent; one skein of black embroidery thread, and an embroidery needle. I'm assuming you have white thread, pins, tape measure, pin cushion, etc., basic sewing needs. If not, you need to go get that stuff! Appliques, TEA PARTY fabric, and instructions for 2 dishtowels: $18.00 (By the way, see that hooked rug there? I designed that rug, called Island Farm, and we should have it in stock in December!)
Item #: SBW7397
Our Price: $18.00
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