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Little Bird Christmas Tree


Get Susan's Christmas decor look!

My Bird Tree has always been my favorite holiday decoration, the first to go up and last to come down. It happened organically, without realizing, it seems I’ve always sort of collected birds.

One day I went around the house and rounded them all up from their perches on bookshelves and window sills, and when I saw them all together, I realized I had enough for a whole tree and my Bird Tree was born. And guess what, I put one together for you… it’s a starter kit that comes with a two-foot tree and 20 birds! You can collect the rest, that’s the fun part ~ I bet you already have some!

The little tree is 24" tall. We will send you the tree, a pretty red ribbon to tie to the base, and 20 various birds to decorate with yourself. (Your birds will not be exactly what is shown in the photos, but very similar.) Each bird is a different shape, size, and color. We hope you will have fun putting together your little bird tree, as well as collecting more birds to place on it in the years to come.
Item #: SBW8823
Our Price: $149.95
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