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Our Family Scrapbook Kit, Vintage Susan Branch


Well, Kellee and I have been cleaning out the goat barn (i.e. the warehouse where we store everything), we found lots of my stuff old enough to be categorized now as “vintage”, including these:

Vintage Susan Branch "Our Family" Scrapbook Kit

It has an opening on the cover so you can put in your own photograph; it comes with coordinated papers and six pages of embellishments and stickers, more than 250 individual pieces. It's great for a special subject like a vacation, or an event, like a graduation, or a new baby; or a Memory Book about you and your mom, or for Grandma and the grandchildren. The book is post bound so you can add more pages. (Look for our extra 8x8 coordinating papers that we offer.)
Item #: SBW9739
Our Price: $24.00
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